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It has been a difficult winter, but now the sun is out and flowers are in bloom and you feel good. You put on your best outfit, buy a newspaper, and sit down to scan the job listings. You don't have a résumé with you, but you're a good talker and you look fine. When you leave the café, you leave a tip that is nearly as large as the bill.

The first office you approach turns you away because you don't have an appointment. Their loss. You leave your phone number with the secretary, but she won't give you hers, even though you ask her several times. You don't really want to work in an office anyway. Passing a computer store, you realize that you have missed your calling: you should be a writer, and if you had a computer you could complete your great novel in no time. You buy two laptops and put them on your credit card. You can pay it off after you sign your first book deal.

It is past midnight, but you're not ready to sleep. You've already written at least thirty pages of your novel. You can't sit still. It's time for a break, so you dress up and head to a disco. You have a couple of drinks, and you buy several for the friends you make at the bar. Your conversation is sparkling. The club keeps playing your favorite songs. You get up on the stage with the other dancers and start to sing along. Security asks you to leave. They say you're embarrassing yourself. But how many people in their forties can break-dance? They must be jealous.

You return home, but you're still not ready to sleep. You pull out your address book and start to call your college friends to tell them about your new book. The first two hang up after reminding you that it's the middle of the night. So you start calling friends in Europe. They should be awake by now.

Another day has passed, and you still have not slept. Who can sleep when so many great ideas are flowing? You've completed one hundred pages. It's going to be an American classic. The best publishing houses are on the other side of the country, so you order a ticket to fly out in the morning. Because you're buying your ticket on such short notice it costs a thousand dollars, but it's worth it. You'll find a hotel when you get there. You call a taxi to take you to the airport. Along the way you notice that people in the streets are waving to you and pointing at you. They can tell you're going to be big. You wave out the window and scream out to them, "I'll be back soon."

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Mania
  • Mania Is the Hallmark of Bipolar Disorder
  • What Causes Bipolar Disorder?
  • How to Cope with Bipolar Disorder
  • Mood-Stabilizing Medications
  • Other Treatments for Mania Exist


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Fifty Signs of Mental Illness: A Guide to Understanding Mental Health
Yale University Press / New Haven and London
Copyright © 2005 by James Whitney Hicks

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