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Learning Difficulties

Moving you to the front of the classroom hasn't helped much. You can see the figures on the blackboard just as well, but you still don't know how to read them. There are too many lines and circles, and you can't tell where one word begins and another ends. And now you can't hide. The teacher calls your name and slaps the board with her pointer. Is that where the sentence starts? You see the letter a. And that curled letter that crosses itself must be a p. You make a hesitant guess: "Ap . . . apple?"

"No. No. It's 'bat,'" she says. "'He sees a bat'!"

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Learning Difficulties
  • Autism and Mental Retardation May Be Detected During the Preschool Years
  • Specific Learning Disorders May Become Evident in School
  • What Causes Developmental and Learning Disorders?
  • Cognitive Problems May Develop Later In Life
  • How to Cope With Learning Problems


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