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Your friend leans in and speaks to you almost in a whisper. She tells you that she has a special deal to offer you, that she wants you to have first shot at it. You have to put some money down now, but you're almost guaranteed to get it back tenfold. All you have to do is convince ten more people to join.

The waiter arrives with the food and warns you to be careful: the dish is very hot. You immediately reach out and touch it. "That was stupid," you joke as you jerk your hand back.
"So how much do I give now?" you ask, reaching for your checkbook.

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Impulsiveness
  • Several Psychiatric Conditions Are Characterized by Global Impulsiveness
  • Some Mental Illnesses Are Defined by a Difficulty in Inhibiting Specific Impulses
  • How to Cope with Impulse Problems


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Fifty Signs of Mental Illness: A Guide to Understanding Mental Health
Yale University Press / New Haven and London
Copyright © 2005 by James Whitney Hicks

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