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You don't know why you keep these appointments. The doctor doesn't do anything except tell you to keep taking the pills. The pills don't do anything but give you a headache and make you sleepy. And sometimes they make you hear voices.

The voices were getting louder last week, so you stopped taking your nighttime dose. You're feeling better already. The voices are still there, but now they give you ideas for poems. You've been able to stay up later and later and write more. Won't your doctor be surprised when your book is published! He's probably getting jealous already. You can see it in his eyes; he's getting worried that you're coming back to life. He asks, "Have you been taking your medication? Have you been having trouble falling asleep? Are you feeling more energetic? Have your thoughts been racing?"

No, you tell him, this is the best you've felt in months.

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Denial
  • Denial Is a Prominent Feature of Psychosis and Mania
  • Most People Do Not Like to Think of Themselves as Ill
  • How to Cope with Denial


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Fifty Signs of Mental Illness: A Guide to Understanding Mental Health
Yale University Press / New Haven and London
Copyright © 2005 by James Whitney Hicks

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